Accepting Applications

The Picture Rocks Fire and Medical District, in keeping with our motto of “Do the right thing, the right way, at the right time” is currently researching the best ways to provide the highest level of emergency services for the lowest possible cost to the public.  This includes a six-month feasibility study in conjunction with the Northwest Fire District on ways the two agencies could cooperate and provide better service at a lower cost.  More information will be made available as the study progresses/concludes.

The District would like to stress that nothing will be done unless it would provide a higher level of service for a lower cost for our residents.

Temporary open burn permits

Open burning is allowed within the District with a temporary burn permit.  See the list of regulations.

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think of fire before it starts

We are dedicated to providing life safety to our community through protection, prevention, and education.

construction overview

Building within the District?  You’ll need to look over our fire code and amendments, plan review processes, submission requirements and more.

public records requests

Copies of fire and ems incident reports, billing records, and more are available for request.  Lean how to get a copy of your record.

administrative services

Various services are offered at our administration office for our residents, including burn permits and copies.

Address verification

Trying to find out if an address is located within our district? We can help, just type your address in and see if it falls in our boundaries.

district boards

Governed by a board of Directors, the District has monthly board meetings.  Minutes, agendas, and financial reports are available for residents to review.

ride-along program

If you are currently an EMS/Fire student and need to do ride-alongs, or are just interested in what we do, we can help.  Contact us to schedule a ride-along today.

Picture Rocks Fire & Medical District – A Snapshot


The Picture Rocks Fire and Medical District was formed as a direct result of the tragic deaths of two children on March 1, 1977 that occurred in a structure fire less than two blocks from where Station 120 was located.

What we have Done

In 1980 we instituted 24 hours dispatching services.

In 1985 we established advance life support ambulance service and in 1986 advanced cardiac support was instituted to meet the needs of the District.

In 1988 we instituted 24 hours full time personnel to answer emergencies.  This consisted of two personnel for each 24 hour shift.

In 1994 staffing increased to four personnel per shift and in 2001 increased again to five.

In 2016 we received SAFER grant funding that allowed us to increase staffing to eight personnel per shift.

Our Future

We are constantly seeking continuing education and training so that our emergency responders can help our residents quickly and efficiently, and provide the best level of service possible to our residents.

What We Do

The Picture Rocks Fire and Medical District was established in 1977 under the laws of the State of Arizona to provide fire protection and life safety services for the area within the fire district boundaries.

The district also serves the Saguaro National Park via and intergovernmental agreement.

Emergency Medical Services

Fire and Rescue Services
Community Outreach

district residents

annual 911 calls

square miles served