Heartsaver CPR/First Aid Classes

We offer Heartsaver/BLS CPR and First Aid (including AED) classes to our community the first Saturday of every month.  Classes are held at our administration building located at 12121 W. Picture Rocks Rd., Tucson, AZ 85743.  Classes begin at 9:00 AM and last several hours depending on the number of students.


ALL participants MUST register online for the class they wish to attend.  If you are not registered you will be turned away.

Registration for classes is open until 3:00 PM the Friday before the class.

Fee Schedule:

Non-Certified: FREE

Certified: $25.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Certified and Non-Certified?

Due to the change in certification process and costs through our certification provider we are no longer able to offer a free certified class to our residents.

We still offer a non-certified class to anyone who would like to attend and learn, but does not require the certification.

How long does class last? Do I need to bring anything?

Class starts promptly at 9:00 AM and the length of class varies depending on the number of students. In general you can plan to be in class for a couple of hours. All you need to bring with you is a state or federal issued Photo ID (e.g. a driver’s license).

Residents may be asked to provide proof of residency in the form a state or federally issued ID or via utility bill with your name and address on it.

What type of CPR/First Aid do you offer?

Our monthly class is the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver CPR/First Aid.

We are able to teach CPR/First Aid for the Health Care Professional. If you are interested in CPR/First Aid for Health Care Professionals please join our list below to be notified when our next class will be.

How old do you have to be to take the class? Can my child take it?

Here’s the short answer – you’re never too young to learn CPR! We welcome and encourage children to participate in our monthly CPR/First Aid classes as it is a valuable skill to have. Please keep in mind that some younger children may be unable to adequately perform compressions to the required depth or speed to become certified. This doesn’t mean that they can’t take the class, or that they won’t get anything of value from the class – all it means is that they won’t leave the class with a Certified CPR/First Aid Card.

When will I get my CPR/First Aid Certification Card?

Physical copies of your CPR/First Aid cards are no longer provided after the class. Approximately one week after your class date you will receive an email from the American Heart Association/Save-A-Life with an electronic copy of your card. If you have not received your card after one week please contact our administrative office.

I'm a Marana Unified School District employee/educator - how do I register?

In the past we have offered free CPR/First Aid classes to Marana School District employees/educators.  Unfortunately, due to the change in certification processes  through American Heart Association and resulting increase in cost we can longer do so.

Register as CERTIFIED and pay the $25.00 class fee.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Upcoming Heartsaver CPR/First Aid Classes

Mar 02
March CPR/First Aid Class
9:00 am - 2:00 pmRead more

Are you interested in our CPR/First Aid Classes for the health care professional?   Join our mailing list now, and when we host one next we will automatically send you an email to let you know!


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